Tuesday, January 11, 2011


1. Why is communication important?

Without communication, the world will never be in order. It will be in chaos. How will it be? Without communications, indications, like traffic lights. Cars will collide, pedestrians will get hit, or rolled over...Communication enables us to be alerted of our surroundings.

2. What is/are your favourite forms of communication? Why?

I like both talking, and using codes(though I am not well versed with them), the reason I like the two, is that they are both unique. Okay, for the talking, it might not be unique, but it is required in our lives daily. Example, when we need something, we would have to voice out.

3. How do you decide which form of communication to use in a situation?

When it comes to times where we are captured, we will have to use either sign language, or through whispering. But when it comes to times where we are in a concert, we would have to talk aloud, so as to enable the others to know what we want them to know.

4. What difficulties do you face in communicating with


For me, it is my voice. Due to my voice break, I have to raise my voice every time I speak.

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